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What is Integrity

What does the word “Integrity” mean to us? Integrity means quality craftsmanship, durable, and long lasting products that will exceed your expectations. Integrity is the principle that we have built our business on, and we stand by our products. Below is a table of comparisons showing how we implement integrity into our trailers.

Our Trailers The Competition
Rubber Torsion Axles with Super Lube Hubs Spring Axles
Steel Front Corner Posts Wrapped Corners with Hollow Spaces
Cross Members Behind A Frame – 16″ OC – 7 and 8 Wide Units Cross Members 24″ OC
Full Size C Cross Members in Frame Z Members and 1/2 Height Cross Members
Hat Post Vertical Posts for Strength Z Posts with Hat Posts at Plywood Seams
Galvanized Hat Section Roof Bows for Strength Steel Tube Bows
Radial Tires with 24 Hour Road Hazard Warranty Bias Ply or Radials with No Warranty
Frame Entirely Coated Only Base Frame Coated
Poly Film between Steel and Aluminum to Stop Electrolysis No Protection
LED Clearance Lights Incandescent Clearance Lights
15″ Slim Line LED Tail Lights for High Visibility and Safety 6″ – 8″ Tail Lights
All 12 Volt Connections are Made With Wire Nuts Connections with Scotch Locks
Multiple Junction Boxes for Ease of Troubleshooting 1 Connection
Consistent Wiring Throughout Sizes Wires Run Haphazardly and Inconsistent
3/8″ Plywood Sidewalls – 7 and 8 Wide Units 1/4″ Lauan Sidewalls
Aluminum or Plastic Dividers for Interior Sidewalls for Smooth Walls Plywood Batten Strips Between Gaps in Sidewalls
EverLube Coating on Exterior Screws for Corrosion Resistance Zinc Coated Fasteners that Break or Rust
Aluminum Tread Plate Stone Guard Aluminum Skin That Dents from Road Debris
All Aluminum Seams Taped and Fastened Seams Fastened Only
Aluminum Hinges on Entry Doors Steel Hinges
Grease Zirks on Ramp Door Hinge No Grease Zirks
C-Channel Framing for Ramp Door Angle used for Ramp Door Frame
Aluminum Cam Bar Steel Cam Bar
.080 Aluminum Roof Cove with Drip Edge – Anodized Smooth Coves – Mill Finish
Seamless Aluminum Roof Galvalume Roofs
Fiberglas Roof Caps Front and Rear Plastic Cap in Front of Trailer
Aluminum Tread Plate Fenders – Single Axle Units Smooth Aluminum or Steel Fenders
3/4″ Furniture Grade Plywood Floor for Long Life and Stability BC Grade Plywood With Voids and Plugs
22 Amp Battery with Charge Line for Trailers with Electric Brakes – work Time > 15 Minutes Gel Cell Batteries with No Charge Line – Work Time 3 – 5 Minutes
Illuminated License Plate Holder Bolts for Plate and Separate Light