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Simple & Safe Ice Melt | Frederick Maryland

Simple & Safe: Bulk Delivery and Pickup Barrick Garden Center is one of the largest suppliers of Simple & Safe in Maryland. Everyone has different ice melt needs, which is why Barrick Garden Center offers Simple & Safe in individual lb. bags, by the pallet and skid (49 bags per pallet). Speak with a Barrick Garden Center specialist today to discuss which option may be best for you. With the ice melt available for pickup and bulk delivery, Barrick Garden Center can help make sure you’re ready for all of the whiter weather yet to come.


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In Maryland, it is absolutely imperative for homeowners, businesses and other organizations to make use of an ice melting product during the winter season. Cold temperatures and high volumes of precipitation make the formation of ice very common, posing dangers to both foot and vehicular traffic. While utilizing de-icers is necessary for wintertime safety, the unfortunate reality is that some of the products on the market today can pose a threat to the environment. High volumes of dissolved salt, chemicals and other compounds can make their way into the ground, causing harm to vegetation and the soil beneath. Runoff can also make its way to local water sources, streams, rivers and the ocean. For many people, this is a big problem. The Environmentally Safe Ice Melter with a growing number of citizens becoming more environmentally contentious, the masses are in need of a product that will help them to live a greener, more responsible lifestyle. Simple & Safe is the answer to that need. It is far less hannful to vegetation. The safety factor involved with Simple & Safe makes it ideal for use around residential homes, businesses, schools, municipal buildings, parks and anywhere where the protection of the environment, children and pets are a concern.

Concentrating on Snow and Ice

Maryland citizens have many options when it comes to purchasing an ice melting
product, but Simple & Safe stands apart from the crowd. Comparisons against other
leading materials show that Simple & Safe can offer benefits, including:
Only natural ingredients.
Environmentally formulated.
Safer for children and pets than other products.
Works in temperatures as low as -5 degrees Fahrenheit.
Highly visible Orange Color Indicator.
Easy and safe to use, with no protective clothing necessary throughout the application process.

For users who are interested in an ice melting product that is not only fast and effective, but is also safe and environmentally friendly, there’s no better choice than Simple & Safe. To leam more about what Simple & Safe has to offer, talk to a reliable professional today. You may also choose to consult the product’s Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS).